Student Spotlight

Scott Saverot

Scott completed his undergraduate education at Virginia Tech, earning a B.S. in the Biological Systems Engineering (BSE) department in 2015. His research interests are system-based... Read More

Anjaney Kothari

Biomedical Engineering and Sciences
  • Program: Biomedical Engineering and Sciences
  • College: Engineering
  • Year Recruited: 2015
  • Advisor(s): Padma Rajagopalan


Anjaney received his Bachelor of Technology degree in Biological Sciences and Bioengineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IITK) in June 2014. He then worked as a Research Assistant at IITK for a year, where his research focused on cartilage tissue engineering. His research interests include tissue engineering, biomaterials and biomechanics. In his doctoral work, he aims to engineer an integrated 3D model of the small intestine and the liver that will incorporate physiologic nuances like intestinal peristaltic flow, hepatic laminar flow and components of the intestinal microbiota. Such a system could be used for toxicological studies as well as to study the role of these organs in diseases like liver fibrosis.

He is a language enthusiast and is proficient to various degrees in Hindi, English, German, Spanish and Sanskrit. He loves to sing Hindustani songs, write stories and create art.