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Doris Zallen

Zallen studies the social, ethical, and policy issues arising from advances in genetic and reproductive technologies, including the modes of policy-making--and unmaking--in bioethics. She... Read More

Rafael V Davalos

Professor // Biomedical Engineering and Sciences


Dr. Davalos’ research interests are in the areas of cellular engineering microsystems, bio-inspired microfluidics, tissue scaffolds, design of minimally invasive surgical devices, bioelectrics, microfluidic tissue mimics, and biotransport. Our laboratory conducts fundamental research, which integrates molecular and microscale biophysics with electrophysiology to develop innovative methods for tissue engineering and for the detection and treatment of cancer. Our work has resulted in the development of microfluidic technology for single cell analysis, selective isolation and enrichment of rare cells and viruses, cancer treatment, and for picoliter sample management on-chip. Currently, our efforts within CTE focus on the development of a microfluidic chip to study the response of liver cells to concentration profiles of nutrients, toxins and oxygen in a controlled microenvironment, in collaboration with Padma Rajagopalan. Other research projects involve high frequency irreversible electroporation to treat cancer, biofabrication of 3D nano-composites for tissue engineering, contactless dielectrophoresis (cDEP) for isolation of rare cells, and the development of microfluidic tissue mimics. Dr. Davalos’ expertise in biotransport and microfabrication techniques serves as the foundation for the development of these technologies for rare cancer cell isolation, and microfluidic tissue mimics of the blood brain barrier and the liver.