faculty Spotlight

Lenwood Heath

Dr. Heath's research is primarily centered on problems that have a biological motivation. Within the context of CTE, these interests include construction and analysis of biological networks of... Read More

John J Tyson

University Distinguished Professor // Biological Sciences, Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology


Dr. Tyson studies biological systems from a rigorous mathematical perspective, and builds realistic models that help us gain a deeper understanding of the physiology. Most of his work is on the mechanism of cell division cycle control as seen in budding yeast, fission yeast, Xenopus embryos and egg extracts, Drosophila embryos and mammalian cells. He collaborates with CTE faculty member T. M. Murali on linking top-down and bottom-up models in systems biology and on using such techniques for building dynamic mathematical models of signal transduction in bioengineered livers.