Student Spotlight

Xiao Liang

I received my Masters degree from University of Washington, Tacoma in Computer Science and Systems. I have been working on human gene network inference. Now I am more involved in metagenomic... Read More

Ezgi Kucukdeger

Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Program: Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • College: Engineer
  • Year Recruited: 2017
  • Advisor(s): Blake Johnson


Ezgi received a B.S. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering in 2015 and a M.S. in Industrial Engineering in 2017 from Sabanci University in Turkey. Her research interests are additive biomanufacturing, reverse engineering and 3D modeling. Her PhD research is on the tool path planning of heterogenous structures and the process planning of graded materials in additive biomanufacturing.

She has completed a Minor in Psychology during her undergraduate studies. She enjoys reading and talking about psychology. She also enjoys drawing, Latin dance and hiking.