How to Get Your Ph.D.

CTE students will obtain their Ph.D. degrees from a parent department or program, from among the several that CTE faculty are affiliated with. When you apply to the Graduate School at Virginia Tech, please be sure to specify from which department you seek to obtain a Ph.D. Typically, a CTE student identifies a CTE faculty member during the admissions and recruitment process. After the student joins Virginia Tech, she can consult the advisor and identify another faculty member to serve as a co-advisor. We strongly encourage students to work with advisors spanning at least two of the three areas at the core of CTE (tissue engineering, computational science, and systems biology) and to include committee members in the third area.

The student will follow the requirements of her Ph.D. program or department regarding course work, qualifying examination, the preliminary examination, and the final thesis defense. Working with her advisor(s) and the graduate coordinator of her Ph.D. program, she will craft a plan of study that matches her research interests and training needs with the recommended CTE coursework.